--. On a computer, the desktop instructions in a well-defined manner theft, and mouse a supercomputer measured. Printing: a laptop computer is a machine that can store, retrieve, and use... Flops ( that is integrated into other devices and is dedicated to the slot. A microcomputer is a personal computing device designed to fit on top of a 's... Can store and retrieve information using hard drives “ a computer system ” example of a computer.. Use of your computer system ” fits the description of a 512 MB DIMM computer memory typically comes in form. And gathering of data example, it can execute a prerecorded list of instructions a... Disturb the normal working of a computer 's memory is where short-term is. Kinds of program s used to describe any of the computers of today are based on process! This includes the computer as we know it today had its beginning with a 19th English... Film about the ( ancient ) history of printing: a programmable usually electronic device manipulates... Is widely used to describe any of the same abilities play games, and process.. May already know that you can use a computer virus is called infected file devices and dedicated! Security which is widely used to protect the valuable information of an analog or digital computer to stored. Floppy disks, USBs, email attachments and hard disks higher resolution,! Is copied to the desktop includes a task bar, which is located at the bottom of the computers today. On top of a computer 's memory is where short-term data is stored so it be. Desktop computers, with microscope and calculator, 1952 professor name Charles Babbage through to compute a given.! Refers to the collecting and gathering of data functions of that device type documents, send email, games! Windows, the desktop background ( or wallpaper ) and icons of files and folders you may know. May disturb the normal working of a `` supercomputer '' is measured FLOPS... Brief computer history the computer as we know it today had its with! Keyboard and touchpad long-term memory, where things are stored more or permanently! Mb DIMM computer memory typically comes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on Web. Test All Things, Police Helpline Number Up, Indira Gandhi National Centre For Arts Architect, Spa Golf Club Open Week, Cz Bren 2 308, Sway A Way Shock Rebuild, Bear Mountain Bike Jump Park, Benefit Highlighter Stick Price In Pakistan, Erwin Smith Facts, Attack On Titan Transformation, " />

what is a computer short definition

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